Why discover Montcalm County – episode 19

Why discover Montcalm County.  In this episode host and producer Duane Weed highlights some of the guests these past few months of 2022.

Why Discover Montcalm County Podcast and what it offers and provides?.  In episode one Phil Tower interviews Duane and he shares how the podcast started out as a documentary on the county, then how he chose to do a podcast instead.

In 2011 while Duane was teaching a seventh hour class at Greenville High School.  The Studio 2 class of Jacket Video Production was able to interview Bill Delp and Bill Garlick about the history of the glider and Greenville. The Fighting Falcon Military Museum is dedicated to educating the public about the people, machines and personal history of U.S. war and conflict. We strive to highlight the stories of local men and women of Greenville, MI and surrounding areas. Among the uniforms, weapons and equipment are stories from the men and women who have served.  Source: https://www.thefightingfalcon.com/   In episode two the Bill’s provide a great overview of the Fighting Falcon Military Museum in Greenville Michigan.

Jodi Litwiller, the owner of Busy Bee’s shares a highlight of what they provide and offer their customers.  Custom Vinyl Signs & Designs, along with Busy Bee’s Embroidery and Gifts is a small business just south of Stanton Michigan. We offer a wide range of “custom” items including, signs, banners, apparel, custom embroidery, plaques, coffee mugs, magnets, decals, promotional items, online fundraising, and much more!  Source: https://cvsdbusybees.com/about/

Episode four found us in Carson City Michigan at the Village Market in Carson City.  They provide daily selection meats, a well stocked dili, barkery, quality produce and good ole small town service. Adam Eller, store director shares how his dad started the business and why he loves to Discover montcalm. Source: http://www.yourvillagemarket.com/

Jon Studer joins us in the DW Video studio to share his business, Coffee.by.Jon.  In episode five Jon shares how he chooses the right coffee bean for his brews.  According to his website, “Coffee is more than your morning pick-me-up. It creates cozy moments, fuels creativity and brings people together. At Coffee by Jon, LLC, we believe a great cup of coffee is a beautiful thing. Our roastery in Trufant, MI produces small-batch coffee that goes great with any meaningful moment.”. Source: https://coffeebyjon.com/

One hundred years of change a book written by Margaret Krebs outlines growing up in Trufant and Howard City.  In episode six Duane learns first hand what it was like growing up almost 100 years again.  The hardships and changes in technology that we have learned to live with today.

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Discover Montcalm Podcast
Discover Montcalm Podcast

Welcome to the Discover Montcalm Podcast where we are going to take a look at the communities, the businesses, the attractions and the people that make up Montcalm County. If it happens in Montcalm County, we are here to tell and share the story. Contact Duane at 231-250-9624.

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