Richard Rush was born and raised just north of Sheridan and south of Stanton. his dad had a farm there called Rush and Sons Dairy. He started by putting the milk in canning jars and delivering it to Sheridan, Stanton, Crystal and Greenville. As they grew they began pasteurizing milk. They had our own cows and raised crops to feed them.

In times gone by, the agricultural community thrived on a profound spirit of mutual support and collaboration among farmers. Back in the day, when technology was limited and resources were scarce, farmers would come together in a heartwarming display of camaraderie to assist one another during critical periods such as planting and harvesting seasons.

Neighbors would gather to share their expertise, knowledge, and physical labor, transforming arduous tasks into communal celebrations. This tradition not only facilitated the completion of essential agricultural tasks but also fostered a deep sense of unity and interdependence among rural communities, leaving an enduring legacy of cooperation that continues to inspire today’s farming practices.

His mom would later run and buy the Sheridan Café’. When Richard moved away his brother Alvin started a business call Rush Forestry. Alvin would do work all over the state and taught people how to do selective cutting, instead of clear cutting, so one would always have a forest to come back too.

Selective cutting, also known as selective logging, involves the careful removal of specific trees within a forest while leaving the majority of the ecosystem intact. This method offers several advantages over clear-cutting, which involves the complete removal of all trees in an area.

it is essential to note that select cutting requires careful planning, monitoring, and adherence to sustainable forestry practices to ensure its long-term effectiveness. Balancing human needs with ecological preservation remains a key consideration in managing forests for the well-being of both present and future generations.

Upon being back in the area Richard has become familiar with the old Meijer north of Greenville and the Jesus Loves Store. Finding there is a purpose in life through a relationship with Jesus. Through the years his faith has grown and with what he was taught by his father and growing up in Montcalm County that we all cared and helped each other. Life in Montcalm County is a great place to discover.

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