Party on Lafayette promotes community.  The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce worked on shutting down Lafayette Street for their annual car show and pizza contest.

“Who will win the coveted trophies and bragging rights this year?”, states the Greenville Chamber. There are chances to win: Along with Judge’s Choice for “Best Pizza”, and a new pizza category, this year: “Best Breakfast Pizza”. ” And, of course, for all of you car guys & gals, you can park along Lafayette St. and show off your ride ”  SOURCE:

Discover Montcalm took to the streets and interviewed each of the ‘Pizza Competitors’ for this year’s event. 

Paul Sischo, Executive Director of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce kicked off the event.

Tabitha Fischer, Marketing/Promotions for the local owners of BC Pizza,

Hailey Hollenbeck, Marketing Specialist for the Flos Collection

Sheila Wilder, Executive  Chef and Jessica Sylvester, General Manager of Hop Hog

Duane also chatted with two local businesses and a resident of Greenville.
Kristen Vivean, Executive Director Danish Festival

Gae Donovan-Wolfe, Marketing Coordinator for Point Broadband

and Greenville resident Nicole Jewell. 

Party on Lafayette promotes community, brings people together for a wonderful time.  Hats off to the Greenville Chamber for organizing such a great event.

Chamber events play a vital role in fostering a strong and thriving community. These events bring together local businesses, residents, and organizations, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. By promoting networking and collaboration, Chamber events offer invaluable opportunities for businesses to connect, share ideas, and support each other, thereby stimulating economic growth and development within the community. Additionally, these gatherings often include educational workshops, seminars, and presentations that empower individuals with new skills and knowledge. From festivals and trade shows to charity drives and business expos, Chamber events not only promote local businesses but also attract visitors from outside the area, boosting tourism and enhancing the community’s reputation. Ultimately, these events contribute to the overall well-being of the community, fostering a sense of pride, engagement, and cooperation among its members.

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