Howard City Food Truck Rally & 3-on-3 Basketball tournament includes a car and craft show. The Food Truck Rally is a community event where a group of food trucks gather to offer a variety of food options to the public. This event features a diverse selection of cuisines, served from the mobile kitchens of the participating food trucks. The Howard City Food Truck rally provides a unique and vibrant culinary experience, allowing the community to sample a wide range of dishes in one place. The event started in 2022, creating a lively atmosphere with music, car and craft show and a 3 on 3 basketball tournament providing a sense of community.

Food trucks have gained immense popularity due to their convenient access to diverse and innovative cuisines, affordability, cultural exploration, and ability to foster community connections. Offering a unique dining experience, they embrace culinary trends, leverage social media for easy tracking, and provide an entrepreneurial avenue for creative chefs. Their open-air ambiance and presence at events contribute to their appeal, making food trucks a dynamic and cherished aspect of today’s society.

Timothy C. Hauenstein Reynolds Township Library hosts the Annual Food Truck Rally & Craft Show with many food options from multiple food trucks. 

An outdoor craft show featuring local artists and crafters will be set up along the White Pine Trail. Parking provided by the Howard City Mason Lodge No. 329.

Also included is a Used Book Sale hosted by the TCHRTL Friends of the Library, Car Show hosted by Frontline Towing & Recovery, 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament hosted by Off-Season Sports Academy & Fitness
The origins of 3-on-3 basketball tournaments can be traced back to the grassroots and street basketball culture. As neighborhoods and communities embraced basketball as a popular sport, informal games with smaller teams naturally emerged. The condensed format of 3 players per side allowed for faster-paced, more dynamic matches that could be played on smaller courts. This format gained traction as an accessible way for people to engage in competitive basketball without the need for full teams or large facilities. Over time, organizers recognized the appeal of these smaller-scale games and began organizing official 3-on-3 tournaments, which eventually led to the establishment of structured leagues and events that catered to players of all skill levels. The simplicity, speed, and inclusivity of 3-on-3 basketball tournaments contributed to their enduring popularity and widespread adoption.  The Howard City 3 on 3 started in 2020 and is a place to not only foster competition but also teach sportsmanship and make new friends.

Including a craft show during this Howard City community event offers a unique and enriching experience for both artisans and the community. This event provides a platform for local artists and crafters to showcase their talents and creativity, fostering a vibrant creative economy. Attendees have the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind, handmade products ranging from artwork and jewelry to home decor and clothing. The show encourages a sense of community pride, as it highlights the skills and traditions of the region. By supporting the local craft show, patrons contribute to the growth of small businesses, forge connections with makers, and bring home exceptional items with stories behind them.

To be part of the Howard City Food Truck Rally Contact Cricket Stevenson, at the Reynolds Township Library at 231-937-5575
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