Discover Montcalm Business, Industry, Schools, Organizations, nonprofits and tourist attractions.

Driving through Montcalm County there is open fields and farmland. Agriculture is huge in Montcalm County and Duane would like to talk to the people behind the farms, behind the crops, behind the livestock, to know the people that are here every day waking up early going to bed late to make sure that there’s food on people’s table. Reaching out to tell and share business, industry, organizations, schools, healthcare, retail, and restaurants stories. There are businesses out there that make, made in Montcalm County products. So cool and we are sure of interest to the residents of our county.

Along with the business community our area has parks and recreation. A large number of lakes and streams and public access lands for people to enjoy. There are trails that people can hike and bike and some that allow snowmobiles.

Reaching out to the historians, village managers, township supervisors around the county to tell the stories of how our communities were built and shaped.

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