Exploring Creativity in Montcalm County

Makenna Weber and Seth Sutton are two creative talents making their mark on Montcalm County. From digital creation and concepts to the psychological aspects and theory of art, this episode touches on it all.

Being Creative in Montcalm County

“Let Me Tell You My Story” opens up Makenna Weber’s “About Me” website page. She is a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer all in one! Visit her website 

Duane caught up with Makenna at the 2024 Digital Arts A.S.S. Student Art Exhibition at Montcalm Community College. Makenna has always had a love for the arts and holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Digital Arts from Montcalm Community College. She is based in Michigan but loves exploring all of the beautiful places God has created around the world. Her goal is to travel the world to capture people’s visions and bring them to life!

Exploring Creativity Provides Opportunity in Montcalm County

Montcalm County provides a serene and inspiring backdrop for artists, photographers, and video producers alike. The picturesque landscapes and vibrant small-town communities offer endless inspiration. Photographers can capture the unique beauty of each season, from the blossoming colors of spring to the serene snowfall of winter. For video producers, Montcalm’s rich history and dynamic local stories provide compelling content for various projects. Whether painting, photographing, or filming, Montcalm County is fertile ground for creativity, allowing artists to share its natural beauty with the world.

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An Instructor’s View on Being Creative in Montcalm County

Seth Thomas Sutton, M.A., is an Arts and Humanities instructor at Montcalm Community College, where he also serves as chair of the college’s Arts & Humanities Department. He is an Emmy-nominated Métis artist, scholar, author, and activist. Learn more about him here https://www.montcalm.edu/meet-our-faculty.

Active in his pursuit of social and cultural justice as an educator and activist, Seth writes and lectures on various topics, including cultural criticism, critical theory, post-colonial political landscapes, Tribal sovereignty, traditional Indigenous art and culture, Western art and culture, anthropology, contemporary social issues, sustainable agriculture, and more.

Duane explored the Digital Arts program with Seth during the Student Art Exhibition. Seth brings a passion for art, creativity, expression, and more to his classes at MCC. His views on teaching, learning, education, and knowledge are key to his educational philosophy. According to Seth, “I feel the most critical aspect of learning is the change that is achieved through individual successes and failures.” He continues, “I feel that effective teaching enables students to draw connections between past and present experiences to form a new set of experiences and criteria for which to examine the world around them.” For more on his insights into academic achievement and philosophy, visit his website. https://seththomassutton.com/seth

Explore Creativity at the Digital Arts Program – Montcalm Community College

Students who earn an Associate of Applied Science degree will be prepared with the background and skills necessary for work as a commercial artist or to operate their own design business. This degree can lay the foundation for continued study at the bachelor’s degree level, landing a job as a graphic designer earning $34,100 to $94,700 per year. Learn more https://www.montcalm.edu/1581

Exploring creativity in Montcalm County is a journey that reveals the county’s natural charm and vibrant spirit, inspiring artists to create and share their unique perspectives with the world.

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Exploring Creativity in Montcalm County episode 88

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