The above video Duane created in 2018.  The funding to create a big production like this was not available.  However, still wanting to promote the county, the Discover Montcalm Podcast was created in the summer of 2022 to tell Montcalm Counties story.  Check out our podcast and the peole that make up area.

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Someday, producer-director Duane Weed vision of producing a comprehensive, in-depth documentary about the past, presence and future of the county may come true.

The vision will be on each community in Montcalm County and will include the businesses that make up the area, and the people that make it happen.  A project of this scope requires the community to tell the story and the funding to make it happen.  Until then, follow the Discover Montcalm Podcast on Facebook page.  Thank you.

Carson City  Cedar Lake  Coral  Crystal  Edmore  Fenwick  Greenville  Howard City

Lakeview  Mcbrides  Pierson   Sheridan  Sidney  Six Lakes  Stanton  Trufant  Vestaburg


The Discover Montcalm Documentary

Each community in Montcalm County is unique.  The schools, places of worship, the services offered, the businesses, and the people that are getting things done.

This is part of what the Discover Montcalm Documentary is all about.  This is a story of people, told by the people in your community… Interested in seeing this vision come to life?  Contact Duane at 231-250-9624 .  It begins with a conversation.

Why produce the Discover Montcalm Documentary

Duane Weed, longtime storyteller and Producer-Director wants to capture what makes Montcalm County what it is today.

To answer the why, His answer was basically ‘Why Not!”  “Montcalm County has a lot to offer. It is made up of wonderful people working hard to make it a better place to work and live. “THAT”, is the story we want to tell and share!!!

A look into the past, with a focus on today, and a glimpse into the future.

Local History told by your People:

It is important to interview your local historians before they are gone.  In addition our vision is to work with local historical societies to provide accurate facts, the best we can.  

Highlight Festivals and Local Happenings:

Festivals are an opportunity for people to celebrate the attributes unique to their community.  They are also a great tool to get visitors into your community, making it a perfect opportunity to interview the locals, and the visitors as well.  

Overview of how it works.  The deep dive features your business, community, organization, church, school, non-profit and more.


Featuring business is the heartbeat of every community.  Businesses from the past to what is happening today.  Do you see this vision, reach out and connect with Duane at 231-250-9624.

Communities in Montcalm County

No one knows the story of your community, better than its’ residents. The vision is the people, past and present.  Capture the stories before the storytellers are gone. 

Quality of Life in Montcalm County

Each community has a vive, what is the quality of life for Montcalm County citizens. The documentary will take time to capture this feeling from all corners of the county.

Made In Montcalm Products

We want to feature “Made in Montcalm” slash “Made in Michigan” businesses like, Paddle King in Crystal or Advanced Farm Equipment in Vestaburg.

There are many others, through the documentary we learn about the past and what is going on today and maybe a look into the future.  

Montcalm County Healthcare System

What does the Healthcare System throughout the county look like now?  What will it look like in the future? Capturing this before the storytellers of the past are gone.

Educational System in Montcalm County

Within the county there is great diversity, and opportunity, within the educational System.  Whether public or private, from the ISD to Homeschoolers, from the Career Center, to Montcalm Community College, Montcalm County offers a range of academic opportunities at all levels of education.  What is in store for the future in education within the county? This story alone is a slice of the why.

The Montcalm County Story

The Discover Montcalm Video Documentary, will tell the story of Montcalm County,

from its’ beginnings through modern day, with a strong focus on business and industry, the quality of life and frankly, may change as we develop content.  This is what drives producer Duane Weed to want to do this project.

See the vision?  Help us capture the history of your community, help us get this huge project off the ground.  It begins with a conversation. Connect with Duane at 231-250-9624.

What makes Your Community Unique?

What is your story?  What is the golden nugget that makes your community special?    Duane is ready to tell your story…for all to hear, for years to come.  

Who Can Use The Videos?

  • Visualize a large number of videos.
  • Schools can use to teach the history.
  • Businesses can promote their story.
  • County and local government can use for inviting people to work, live and play in their communities.
  • Realtors can use to promote their listings in the communities they are selling in.
  • Churches, Organizations, Schools and the list goes on on who can use.

Help us with the vision,  231-250-9624.

Help us with ‘Creative Funding Ideas’

Our primary focus is on the story of Montcalm County, and each city, or village that comprises the whole of it, and making it available to everyone, free of charge to use.  To find out more about this great opportunity to share in the cost of this project. We find that everyone…from the communities to business…has a unique story to tell.  Together, your story will be uniquely featured, and shared. How do we take a deep dive into exactly what is the best?