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About the host: Duane Weed, Visual Storyteller 

Duane Weed has been a visual storyteller since 1984.  As host and producer Duane will cover topics of interest within Montcalm County.  He started out as Duane Weed Productions.  Later changed the name to DW Video & Multimedia, LLC or DW Video.  

dwvideo.com produces videos and websites for business, industry, retail, nonprofits and more.   Duane is also the guy that takes your videotape, 8mm film movies, slides, audio tapes and converts them to digital and DVD/CD.  

Over the years Duane has also been a teacher.  In 1983 he produced local programming at Waterford Cablevison that included teaching community members how to shoot, edit and produce local programming.  In the early 2000’s spent seven years at Greenville High School teaching a seventh hour class – Jacket Video Productions/Studio 2 class.  His students learned to direct a four camera LIVE to dvd and later streaming.  The students ran camera, audio, graphics and learned to direct.  The last year at GHS the students produced around 150 productions, most of which were streamed LIVE.

Was asked by the Ferris State University Television and Digital Media Production program to fill in as an adjunct professor for a couple semesters while their professor of Instructional Design was on sabbatical.

In 2020 the Montcalm Area Career Center approached Duane to start a brand new Digital Arts program for the school.  Started with two students, the next year added two more and in the Fall of 2022, 19 students will be enrolled.  

Since beginning his career in 1983 when he graduated from then Ferris State College to now.  Duane has produced so many videos for businesses, organizations, schools and individuals he is promted to launch the Discover Montcalm Podcast and share with everyone.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, along with running DW Video, Duane will be full time teaching 11th and 12th grade students at the MACC the wonderful world of Digital Media. 

Call Duane 231-250-9624.  Looking forward to connecting with you.

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