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From Greenville Tool & Die to Outdoor Videography

Steve Foster, From Tool and Die to Education and Hunting Videos. Steve is currently the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District Board of Education President , a Retired Human Resources Director at Greenville Tool & Die, past President and current trustee of the Education Foundation of Greenville and Owner, Foster Outdoor Productions (freelance videography and post production).

Growing up in Montcalm County and surrounding areas Steve been there, done that life has provided him many experiences. However, ask him now and he will properly tell you hunting or videotaping a hunt is his happy place.

In this Discover Montcalm episode Duane asks Steve about his work career beginning in sales and sales management, and then for more than 32 years, in purchasing, human resources, and industrial safety training at Greenville Tool and Die.

Always having a passion for the out-of-doors, hunting, and hunting videography keeps him busy today. From buying his first video camera in 1994  to trying to keep up with technology in both cameras and video editing as we have gone from tape to digital, to 4K and beyond.

His travels have taken him from the Midwest to Mexico, the Rocky Mountains, Africa, Manitoba, New Brunswick.

Since he retired in 2014 from the normal work a day world, Steve has been able to pursue his long time passion of videography for the hunting industry and chase deer, elk, bear, turkeys, and other game all around the world.

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GREENVILLE TOOL & DIE - source GTD Website

The Greenville Tool & Die Company was formed as a partnership between Charles J. Randall and Vandel Nielsen and opened for business on August 15, 1946. In mid 1950's, GTD began shifting emphasis from small appliance and aircraft tooling to larger automotive tooling and dies.

Today, GTD has 92,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and 12,000 sq. ft. of office and engineering space. Two shifts include more than 125 employees. In May of 1997, late owner and CEO Stan Ash received his first patent, "Liquid Impact Tool Forming Mold," a process similar to "hydroforming" which allows the customer to use their existing production presses.

The development of Greenville Tool & Die Company has been a team effort, and the company is especially proud of its corps of skilled and loyal employees through the years who engineer, design, and build the metal stamping dies, tools, and fixtures. Their adaptability to and enthusiasm for change have allowed GTD to grow, prosper, and become a leader in its field. On February 17, 2005, the employees of Greenville Tool & Die Company purchased the company from the trust of its late CEO and Owner, Stan Ash, and his wife Blanche. Today, Greenville Tool & Die is "A 100% Employee Owned Company."


source MAISD Website

1. Expand educational opportunities for all students, staff, and community.
2. Provide ongoing, forward-thinking leadership.
3. Create connectedness in MAISD, in districts, and between districts.
4. Maintain financial integrity of MAISD and local districts.
5. Establish a unified legislative voice.


source EFG website
The Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG), a not for profit 501c 3 organization, was founded in 1991 to generate and distribute financial resources for the Greenville Public Schools to enhance, or supplement, educational opportunities for students. It operates independently from the Greenville Public Schools, but trustees work closely in partnership with the Board of Education and administration to pursue its purpose of supporting excellence in the school districts programs.


source FOP Facebook Page
Foster Outdoor Productions is owned and operated by free lance videographer/producer, Steve Foster. Focus is primarily toward filming hunting for TV shows, social media etc. Special projects like company promos, etc., considered.